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Hot Tips to Increase Your Email Open Rates in Email Marketing

Do you have open email high rates? It doesn’t matter how good your email content is if there’s no one to read it. All the content will be of no use in the end not including time wastage. The main aspect of email marketing is to ensure that your subscribers open their emails right? For you to have open email high rates, these are Tips to Increase Your Email Open Rates:

•             Identify your email open rate statistics.

•             Subject lines to use

•             Knowing the main tip to avoid when email marketing.

It is important to know your open rate statistics.  You will be blind marketing, if you are not keeping track of your open rates and good autoresponders are providing you with the detailed statistics.

Tips to Increase Your Email Open Rates 3

One of the first tips to increase your email open rates is to identify your email open rate statistics. As it stands you need to know your open rates to improve on them. Start with keeping detailed stats; you can do this by recording your results daily through the creation of a simple spreadsheet. By doing this you will form a pattern that can be re-adjusted when required.

The next tip to increase your email open rate is by using subject lines. You can begin testing your subject lines once start monitoring your email open rates. Do your subscribers have an incentive to open your email? Your email subject lines should have a benefit to the subscriber/ invoke interest to them.

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For it to be an effective email link you need to add a personal touch to the email subject touch by using their first name. You can also ask the potential reader a question for more effectiveness. The email reader’s first name should be used sparingly as it can easily wear off with time if used too much. Your emails will tend to appear spammy if you continuously use the first name.

Knowing the main tip to avoid when email marketing, is one of the major tips to Increase your email open rates. The number one tip of what not to do when email marketing, is to avoid spammy headlines at all costs. Some words can trigger spam filters resulting in the emails being sent straight to the spam bin or trash. Most email marketers are aware of this and therefore tend to trick the spam filter which is not always a good idea.

 Emails containing such words such as m0ney or f.ree may be familiar to you. Emails like this will decrease your open rates drastically and make them look spammy; this will in turn flag you as a spammer.

You now know the importance of having an enticing headline, the importance of tracking your email open rate statistics, and the number one tip on what to avoid when email marketing. It’s now time to put it all to the test.  Pay a visit o your autoresponder, next thing ensure your emails are revamped, and track your email stats. Now take a step back and watch as your email open rates soar up the sky.

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When you’ve had a handle on your email open rates your next focus should be on the email body. Your next project will be on your click-through rates.

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