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How You Can Increase Your Sales In Affiliate Marketing

I am sure when you are in the buying mood and want to purchase a product you have been helped to do so by the words on the product's sales page you were reading. Just for fun, try to look at the sales page of the most recent product you bought and see what it says. I this post, we will look at the 6 most sure-fire words that can help you to increase your sales in any marketing campaign.

You will agree with me that there is no powerful word that can make you jump off your sit than the word “FREE!” Maybe you may be wondering how someone makes money when they offer a service or product for free. Indeed, it ironic how people like to use the word “free” when they sell their products online. The word “free” is popularly used as a bait and switch word to attract buyers to a website and then appeal to their emotions with a more appealing and powerful product offer.

Other magical words that you can use to increase your sales are the “Limited time offer” words. To be honest, these words always capture my attention when I want to buy something online. There are times when I even noted the offer's expiry time and came back to buy the product when I could not purchase my initial visit.

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If you are doing an e-commerce or affiliate marketing campaign or reviewing a product, the words “sales” or “discount” can help you increase your sales by making your site visitors pay attention to the offer. Suppose I want to buy something that I know usually costs $100, but I find that the seller is offering a 50% discount, that would make me buy it before the discount expires because the price is within my budget.

Increase Your Sale

Including the words “You” or “Yours” in a sales page or ad copy is another sure way that can increase your sales. You can effectively do this using email marketing. When you personalize your autoresponder messages with your customers' or subscribers' names makes them feel as if you are only talking to them alone.

The word “New” is another way you can use drive traffic to your sales page and increase your sales. Personally, I like products whose functions or information has been updated because I know the value I will get with updates.

Providing “Testimonials” is another powerful way of increasing your sales by giving your potential customers confidence and assurance of the product's quality. Buyers are swayed to make a purchase when they read positive product reviews from real people who bought the item in the past. If you can, include both audio and video testimonials in your sales page or ads copy to make it original and truthful.

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When correctly used, these are 6 sure-fire and powerful words that will increase your sales whether you are doing an e-commerce or affiliate marketing campaign. Although no marketing strategy compares to offering your customers a quality product, the way you present it on your ads copy or sales page can affect the number of people who decide to buy the product from you.

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