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LeadsGorilla Review- The New-age of Local Business Marketing For Agency Services

You will agree with me that competition has increased and became more fierce for local marketing. This has led to business owners getting flooded  with thousands of calls and emails from marketers offering the same product. As a marketer, you have to offer a unique service if you are to pass through the guard that business owners have put around themselves to filter out marketers that they are willing to work with. This LeadsGorilla review will introduce you to the most powerful local marketing tool in the market!

As service local agencies and freelance marketers grow in number, so have apps that help marketers to land  high paying clients continue being developed and sold like crazy. To beat your competition and bag yourself those high-paying clients, you need an all-inclusive and efficient tool that gives you leads, traffic and increased sales.  This is where you need to leverage the power of LeadsGorilla technology that helps you find as many leads as you want and make huge earnings from your clients.


LeadsGorilla Review – Overview

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LeadsGorilla Review – What is LeadsGorilla?

LeadsGorilla is an all-inclusive and powerful software that gives you an unfair advantage to find, land, and sell your agency services to local business clients for you.

LeadGorilla's smart algorithm technology allows you to find hundreds of  leads from various online platforms including Facebook and Google. The secret algorithm of LeadsGorilla will also show you the quality score of each lead, generate customized reports which are also print-on-demand-ready, land the clients using its built-in  email marketing system, and so much more to help you earn huge profits.


About the Developers of LeadsGorilla

The Developers of LeadsGorilla

LeadsGorilla was developed by Ben Murray and his partners; Adrian Bogdan and Cristian Seb. Ben Murray is a software developer and internet marketer for over 14 years. He has developed numerous six-figure product launched like ClickAgency, StopMotionSuite, Video Traffic App, VidRepurposer, PlayPix, Video Local App, Agency Reel, Rank Reel among others. 

LeadsGorilla Review – Main Features

The main game-changer feature of LeadsGorilla is its ability to find leads. With LeadsGorilla, you can find leads from various platforms, generate a huge number of reports, reach out to the contacts and convert them to clients. The following are some of the key features of LeadsGorilla that you will not find in other software:

Find leads and potential clients from Facebook and Google

LeadsGorilla helps you to find leads  that are present on Facebook groups, Facebook pages and Google My Business by just entering your niche and the target location.

View advanced data about each lead before saving them

LeadsGorilla shows you each lead's  contact information, address, page rating, whether their Google My Business page or Facebook page is claimed already, how optimized the page is to rank in Google , and so much more.

Custom leads score secret algorithm technology

LeadsGorilla enables you to see how likely you can land and close that lead and potential client. The custom leads score secret algorithm technology in LeadsGorilla helps you to find leads with the lowest score that do not rank well on local and need help to rank on Google.

LeadsGorilla Review: Custom LeadsScore Secret Algorithm Technology

Sort by claimed/unclaimed listings and many other filters

using LeadsGorilla, you can sort leads using various filter options such as Google my business rating, number of reviews, LeadsScore,  claimed or unclaimed Google My Business pages, and so much more. This allows you to find unclaimed Google My Business pages and sell them to clients for easy profit.

LeadsGorilla Review: Sort By Claimed-Unclaimed Listings and Many Other Filters

Generate advanced Facebook and Google marketing lead reports

Another key feature of LeadsGorilla is that the software can generate for you advanced custom reports on how a client can improve their Google My Business and fan page in an easy-to-understand and professional way. As a marketer, you can use this feature of LeadsGorilla as a lead magnet to secure a meeting with a potential client.

LeadsGorilla Review: Generate The Most Advanced GMB Reports

Download print ready PDF reports for leads

Apart from generating the custom advanced lead reports, LeadsGorilla allows you to download these reports from the app. These state-of-the-art reports can also be printed on-demand if you need to email them or meet with a client in person. As a marketer, this feature gives you authority and an unfair advantage against other marketers.

LeadsGorilla Review: Download PrintReady PDF Reports For Leads

Email marketing technology with proven email swipes and placeholder automation

the built-in email marketing technology in LeadsGorilla enables you to reach out to qualified leads and land them. You also have the ability to customize  and use the tried and tested email templates in many niches. LeadsGorilla also allows you to use placeholder automation for marketing.

LeadsGorilla Review: Email Technology Swipes and Placeholders Automation

Organize campaigns and manage leads

Using LeadsGorilla, you can create custom marketing campaigns like ‘Fitness trainers in New York' and add any specific leads you are targeting in each campaign. LeadsGorilla will keep your campaigns perfectly organized and updated throughout the on-boarding process.

LeadsGorilla Review: Organize Campaigns and Manage Leads

LeadsGorilla Review – Other supporting features that come with the LeadsGorilla software

Intuitive user-interface: – user-friendly interface and easy to use for everyone

Fully tested: – for better results, LeadsGorilla has been tested by beta users

Tutorials provided: – LeadsGorilla comes with very useful and professional tutorials to help you use the software

Training included: – the developer has included professional video training of how to use the software for best results

24/7 Dedicated support team: – the support team is available 24/7 for any questions and assistance

Regular updates: – LeadsGorilla is regularly updated with new features

LeadsGorilla Review – How LeadsGorilla Works

LeadsGorilla works by only processing 3 steps and bring to you huge profits:

Step 1: Find and analyze leads from Facebook and Google My Business

After choosing the platform (Facebook pages, Facebook places, or Google) that you want to find clients from, you need to enter your keyword and location. LeadsGorilla will then find for you tons of prospects in a matter of seconds.

LeadsGorilla Review: Step 1. Choose a Platform and Enter Any Keyword and Location
LeadsGorilla Review:

Step 2: Generate the beautiful print-on-demand optimization lead magnets

You need to save the leads that you plan to reach out to using the software. LeadsGorilla can create for you professional print-on-demand lead magnet report that you can send to leads. These reports contain everything that a lead needs to improve their Facebook or Google My Business listing to rank higher.

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LeadsGorilla Review: Step 2. Generate Beautiful Print-On-Demand Optimization Lead Magnets

Step 3: Land the client using email marketing technology and done-for-you email templates

Finally, pick the leads that you want LeadsGorilla to contact for you. You also have the freedom to use the done-for-you proven-to-convert integrated email templates or customize the emails the way you want based on your niche.

LeadsGorilla Review: Step 3. Land the Client with Email Marketing Technology

LeadsGorilla Review – LeadsGorilla Demo

LeadsGorilla review – Frequently Asked Questions

Is LeadsGorilla a monthly fee app?
LeadsGorilla is currently being offered for no monthly fees only through this deal. You’ll get full access to everything you see here today for the price listed above.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee Policy?
Yes! As you can see on our page, they have a 30-day money back guarantee. Just contact them and they’ll refund your money instantly.

Do I get free updates?
YES! You get 100% free auto-updates. Whenever a new update is out since everything is stored in the cloud, you will instantly be upgraded, hands-free.

Does LeadsGorilla work for Mac and PC?
LeadsGorilla is 100% cloud-based so it works with an internet connection on any browser, although I recommend using Google Chrome.

Do I get support and tutorials on how to start?
Yes, they have full tutorials plus support if you ever have questions or concerns. Their dedicated support team can answer any questions and guide you when needed.

LeadsGorilla Review – Is it worth buying?

LeadsGorilla will free you from using traditional local marketing methods. Businesses already know about social media marketing and search engine optimization.

However, these methods are not  as money-making as they were before. So, what are you supposed to offer instead to stand out from the competition? LeadsGorilla is your best bet!

To date, LeadsGorilla is the most advanced local leads generator integrated with a new proprietary LeadsScore technology.

With LeadsGorilla, you will find hundreds of leads from multiple platforms. LeadsGorilla also shows you quality scores of each lead with a secret algorithm. It can also generate customized reports that are print-on-demand-ready and help you to land them with its built-in email marketing technology.

LeadsGorilla Review – What make LeadsGorilla better than other lead apps and agency products?

LeadsScore Secret Algorithm Technology – See how easy the lead will be to land & how profitable they will be with our ‘prequalification’ lead score

LeadsGorilla Review: Custom LeadsScore Secret Algorithm Technology

All-in-One Features – First to have lead finding from Google & FB, 4 different types of PDF report generation, and email marketing w/ DFY proven swipes all in the front-end offer (like a DFY lead gen agency)

LeadsGorilla Review: Organize Campaigns and Manage Leads

Email Marketing Shortcode Technology – auto populates emails based on specific client data for hyper customized emails (better results)

LeadsGorilla Review: Email Technology Swipes and Placeholders Automation

View More Advanced-Data About Each Lead – See crucial data about each lead no other lead finder can show including how optimized their FB or GMB page is, if they are optimizing for video marketing, & more

LeadsGorilla Review: View Advanced Data About Each Lead Before Saving Them

Sort Leads Instantly by 10 Different Options – including if their GMB page is claimed or unclaimed

LeadsGorilla Review: Sort By Claimed-Unclaimed Listings and Many Other Filters

Generate FB & Google Marketing Lead Reports – with more data than before (lead reports are print-on-demand ready now as well)

LeadsGorilla Review: Generate the Most Advanced Facebook Reports
LeadsGorilla Review: Generate The Most Advanced GMB Reports

LeadsGorilla Review – Who can use LeadsGorilla

LeadsGorilla is a must-have software for:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Marketers
  • Local businesses
  • Website owners
  • Freelancers
  • Bloggers
  • Social media marketers
  • Any other kind of online business

LeadsGorilla Review – Price Evaluation (Frontend & Downsells/OTOs)

The following are the differences between the two LeadsGorilla front-end options:

LeadsGorilla Standard Front-end Price: (LeadsGorilla Advanced – $37; LeadsGorilla Starter – $27)

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Standard
LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Advanced vs LeadsGorilla Starter

LeadsGorilla Advanced – $37.00

The ultimate local lead generation tool. Front-end buyers will get all of the following:

  • Find Facebook Leads
  • Find Google Leads
  • Generate Facebook Reports
  • Generate Google My Business Reports
  • Download Print Ready PDF Facebook Reports
  • Download Print Ready PDF GMB Reports
  • Video Training
  • Manage Leads/Campaigns Module
  • LeadsScore Secret Algorithm
  • Additional “Small Local Reports”: Mobile Friendly, Social Report, Video Report, Facebook Pixel, Adwords Pixel
  • Contact Module
  • Custom Placeholders Email Integration
  • 30+ Email Templates Integrated
  • 24/7 Support 
  • Find Claimed or Unclaimed Leads
  • Contact 3000 Leads / Month
  • Search 50,000 Leads / Month

LeadsGorilla Starter – $27.00

A lighter version of LeadsGorilla advanced with less features available.

OTO1: LeadsGorilla Professional ($39/Month; $49/Quarterly; $97 One-Time)

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Pro

Option 1: LeadsGorilla Professional Quarterly – $49/quarter

In this premium upgraded version of LeadsGorilla users will get the following…

  • Search Unlimited Leads
  • Generate Unlimited Reports
  • Contact Unlimited Leads
  • Generate SEO Reports Module
  • Download Print Ready SEO PDF Reports
  • Customized Branding for Reports
  • Edit / Customize All PDF Reports 
  • Integrated PRO Email Templates 
  • Local Tools Module
  • SEO Tools Module
  • PRO Video Training
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Additional PRO “Small Reports” Local Schema, Contact Report, Yelp Report, Google Tag, SSL Certificate, Open Graph, WordPress Or Not Report.
  • Unreleased Academy Training (Local Genius Training) (Local & GMB, SEO, WordPress Module)

Downsell: LeadsGorilla Professional Quarterly-Lite – $29/quarter

A lighter version with less features of LeadsGorilla Premium

Option 2: LeadsGorilla Professional Monthly – $39/monthly

Downsell: LeadsGorilla Professional Monthly-Lite $19/monthly

A lighter version with less features of LeadsGorilla Premium

Option 3: LeadsGorilla Professional One-Time – $97 One-Time

Downsell: LeadsGorilla Professional One-Time – $47 One-Time  

A lighter version with less features of LeadsGorilla Premium

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OTO2: CitationGorilla – $37.00

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Citation

A citation analyzer and PDF reporting software. Help clients get more citations, improve reputation, and local SEO listings and show reports to them. 

  • LeadsGorilla Citations Finder Module
  • Generate Citations PDF Reports
  • Customize/Brand Citations PDF
  • Export CSV with Citations
  • Contact Leads With Citations Reports
  • Free Resources & Tools List
  • Citations Services Outsourcing Cheatsheet
  • Generate Citation Reports for Individual/External URLs 
  • Export Missing Citations List

OTO3: LeadsGorilla Agency (Advanced – $67; Lite – $47)

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Agency

Option 1: LeadsGorilla Agency Advanced – $67.00

In the Agency version of LeadsGorilla users will get the following allowing them to get their own local agency set up fast with everything DFY:


  • Manage Clients Module
  • LeadsGorilla WordPress Agency 
  • Standalone One Click Install LOCAL SEO AGENCY
  • No Technical Skills
  • Easy to install and modify
  • Local Bundle Pack
  • Local Logo Pack

Plus, they will get the LeadsGorilla Selling Suite that includes…

  • DFY FB Ads
  • DFY Swipes
  • DFY Teleswipes
  • DFY Legal Contract
  • DFY Google Banners

Option 2: LeadsGorilla Agency Lite – $47.00

Downsell: LeadsGorilla Agency-Lite – $29.00

A lighter version with less features of LeadsGorilla Agency

OTO4: LeadsGorilla Reseller (Silver – 100 Licenses at  $97; Platinum – 1000 Licenses at $197)

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Reseller

Option 1: LeadsGorilla Reseller Silver – 100 Licenses – $97.00

Option 2: LeadsGorilla Reseller Platinum- 1000 Licenses – $197.00

You will get the opportunity to sell LeadsGorilla for yourself and pocket 100% of any sale you make. You will also get training videos on how to actually sell it, ability to give access out, and the developers take care of the support. When you buy this OTO, you also get tons of graphics and video to use too. 


Please note here are just upsell links for your reference. Prices are subject to change without notice.

You must buy the Front-End (FE) product then you can buy any OTOs that you love.

If you buy any OTO alone, you will receive NOTHING and it may take a long time to get a refund. Please remember that the front-end product is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.

LeadsGorilla Review – LeadsGorilla bonuses from the developers

Leads Gorilla Standard (FrontEnd) Bonuses

1 Hour Video Training on Getting Local Clients (with Ben & Adrian) – Worth $397

LeadsGorilla Review: 1 Hour Video Training on Getting Local Clients (with Ben & Adrian)

In depth Video Training where Ben & Adrian are showing you over the shoulder how to use Leads Gorilla to find & close clients with the 3 Steps Local Client Getting Formula explained every step of the way.

Inside the Webinar Training Video We’ve revealed:

  • How to get started even if you’re  a complete newbie.
  • The TOP 15 Niches that works even in crisis times. (pandemic proof!)
  • The 3 Steps Leads Gorilla Formula
  • Getting Clients Attention Method & Strategies
  • What services should you be selling to businesses? 
  • Best paid services by local businesses. 
  • Client Closing Techniques and strategies.
  • and much more!

BONUS 1: Google My Business Optimizer CheatSheet

LeadsGorilla Bonus: Ultimate Local Citation Profit System

One-stop guide that will hold your hand throughout the whole process of creating and optimizing a GMB listing. On top of this, you will learn how to leverage this essential service to build yourself a reliable income from LOCAL businesses.

BONUS 2: The Complete Outsourcing Cheat Sheet for LOCAL

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Bonus_The Complete Outsourcing Cheat Sheet for LOCAL

Learning how to outsource repetitive tasks is a skill that you absolutely need to master if you want to take your LOCAL consultancy business to the next level. This resource will teach you what to outsource, when to outsource and why to do it.

BONUS 3: Optimizing 10-Key factors for Voice Ranking

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Bonus Optimizing 10-Key factors for Voice Ranking

Voice searches already account for over 50% of total searches on SERPs. If you want to tap into this MASSIVE Traffic Source, you need to focus and Optimize these 10 Key factors to land directly into the answer box of Google.

BONUS 4: LOCAL Consulting 101 – Becoming a Client-Closing Machine

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Bonus LOCAL Consulting 101 - Becoming a Client-Closing Machine

Knowing how to acquire clients is not a talent, it’s an acquired skill. Use this resource to learn how to steer the conversation with a potential client towards the closing moment. This know-how is just as helpful online as it’s offline (in face-to-face meetings).

BONUS 5: 11 Practices to BOOST Traffic w/ Local Search Marketing

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Bonus 11 Practices to BOOST Traffic with Local Search Marketing

Apply these 11 Internally-tested practices to obtain a healthy flow of LOCAL traffic to your own website or to your client’s website.  Do this consistently and you’ll ensure that you’re sending the right signals to Google, Bing and the likes.

BONUS 6: How to Close 5 NEW LOCAL Clients in 14 Days

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Bonus How to Close 5 NEW LOCAL Clients in 14 Days

Uncover our “Secret Audit” technique that will allow you to spot major local optimization issues with only a few minutes of effort. If you have the right approach and access to a capable lead-finding tool like LeadsGorilla, signing your first client is a matter of days

BONUS 7: Email Swipes to Close Clients for Facebook Ads Services

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Bonus Email Swipes to Close Clients for Facebook Ads Services

What you’ll see below is a collection of swipes arranged in a soap opera sequence. The purpose of them is to build up trust between you and the prospect up to the closing moment while establishing you as a valuable video consultant.

BONUS 8: Facebook Optimizing Factors

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Bonus Facebook Optimizing Factors

We have created a definitive list with factors that will definitely make a difference in how Facebook’s algorithm will rank a particular listing. We’ve also included actionable tips that will help you optimize for each factor.

BONUS 9: TOP 100 Local Niches For Local Marketers

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Bonus TOP 100 Local Niches For Local Marketers

If you ever worked with local clients before or you are looking to get started this List will help you along your journey to find the best and profitable prospects to promote their business online.

BONUS 10: Local Business Schema LeadsGorilla – WordPress Plugin

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Bonus  Local Business Schema LeadsGorilla - WordPress Plugin

Improve your Local SEO in Sort Time. Getting 1st Position in Google Map. Getting more Calls, Store Visits from Google My Business Page. Set local schema rich snippets for each business using this WordPress plugin.

Leads Gorilla PRO (OTO 1) Bonuses

BONUS 1: Definitive Guide to Video Marketing for Local Businesses

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Bonus  Definitive Guide to Video Marketing for Local Businesses

VIDEO is the highest converting medium out there and it’s increasingly more used in LOCAL Marketing campaigns. Go through this resource to find out why you need to include VIDEO in your marketing strategies and how to build yourself reliable income by helping Small Businesses with Video Services.

BONUS 2: Ultimate Facebook And Social Media Blueprint

LeadsGorilla Bonus: LeadsGorilla Bonus Ultimate Facebook And Social Media Blueprint

This One-Stop Blueprint includes everything you need to get started with Facebook Business Page Optimization – Use it for yourself or for your clients to get more Reach, better Visibility and better Engagement rates with your audience. 


LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Bonus LOCAL SEO CheatSheet

If you’re looking for a one-stop resource that will walk you through the most important optimization steps in LOCAL, this is it. Think of it as a pocketbook for Online and Offline consultants. 

BONUS 4: 20 Client Attention Grabbing Facebook Messages Text Files

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Bonus 20 Client Attention Grabbing Facebook Messages Text Files

Use this client attention getting Facebook messages to close more deals with businesses from Facebook. If you don’t how to compose messages and you are not talented, you can use these optimized messages.

BONUS 5: The Hidden Power of Micro Commitments for Closing Local Businesses

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Bonus The Hidden Power of Micro Commitments for Closing Local Businesses

If you’re not familiar with the term “micro commitments,” it is a very powerful persuasion technique and consistency principle, which suggests people have a hard-wired desire to be consistent even after the original incentive or motivation is no longer present.

Leads Gorilla Citations (OTO 2) Bonuses

BONUS 1: Ultimate Local Citation Profit System

LeadsGorilla Bonus: Ultimate Local Citation Profit System

Citations are the backbone of every successful campaign of making a business visible for LOCAL searches. This resource will show you HOW, WHY and WHERE to create & publish citations for ANY niche. You’ll also learn how to identify bad citations, how to price your citation services and how to make a profit by fixing Local Citations for Small Businesses.

BONUS 2: Google Local 3 Pack Ranking BlackBook

LeadsGorilla Review: LeadsGorilla Bonus Google Local 3 Pack Ranking BlackBook

There are few things more sought-after for a local business than to get featured in the Local 3-Pack. Getting featured among the first 3 results in Google search results for a keyword might provide a business with more visibility than a 4-figure paid campaign. 

LeadsGorilla Review – What people say about LeadsGorilla

LeadsGorilla Review: What people say about LeadsGorilla
LeadsGorilla Review: What people say about LeadsGorilla
LeadsGorilla Review: What people say about LeadsGorilla
LeadsGorilla Review: What people say about LeadsGorilla


LeadsGorilla is a perfect software that is 100% recommended for finding local leads that you can reach out and offer SEO services with only a few clicks.

This offer comes with 30-day money back guarantee, which means there is no risk taken from your side. Simply click to the button, get one copy of LeadsGorilla on my site, try it for 30 days along with tons of bonuses attached without any chance of losing money!

7 Figure Mastery


7 Figure Mastery
60 Minutes Profit


60 Minutes Profit


Internet Marketing Metrics
Internet Marketing Metrics


Affiliate Networking
Internet Marketing Expert


Internet Marketing Expert
Membership Authority


Internet Marketing Business Models


Internet Marketing Business Models


The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy
The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy
Affiliate Marketing Mistakes


Affiliate Marketing Mistakes


ClickBank Traffic Mastermind
ClickBank Traffic Mastermind
Road Map To Riches


Road Map To Riches
Network Marketing Charisma


Network Marketing Charisma


Build Network Marketing Relationship With Email Marketing
ClickBank Affiliate Message Sets


ClickBank Affiliate Message Sets


Clickbank Blogging Unrestricted PLR Articles
Clickbank Blogging Unrestricted PLR Articles
Clickbank Unrestricted PLR Articles


CPA King PLR Articles



CPA Explosion
Branding Secrets


Branding Secrets


Copywriting Seminar
Copywriting Seminar


Affiliate Marketing Action Plan
Affiliate Advantage


Affiliate Advantage


Viral Marketing Secrets
Improving Your Financial IQ


Improving Your Financial IQ


Testing And Tracking
Service Oriented Upline


Service Oriented Upline
Traffic Exchanges


Traffic Exchanges


Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Powerful Internet Marketing
Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Powerful Internet Marketing
Internet Business Startup Kit



Outsource to Success
Outsource to Success

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